Gran Canaria Event

Barranco de Guiniguada-Jardin Botánico

Barranco de Guiniguada - Botanical Garden
Walk from Las Palmas to Jardin Botánico and back again.
This trip is easy, everyone can join.
You can take the bus back to Las Palmas, from the Jardin Botánico, if you don't feel like going back again.
The route is easy and you can see all the way, you can eat your packed lunch, about 4 km, inside the trip, where borders and benches have been set up,...
It is also possible to get something to eat and drink when you reach the Jardin Botánico, there is a bar/restaurant just as you come up to the main road.
Lots of fun things to look at, all the way and full of birdsong
If you have a car, there are plenty of parking spaces along the road,
The route can be downloaded from my wikiloc account #grancanariapaa2ben by Mette Madsen

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