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Monagas - Barranco de la Borgen - Las Animas-pico del Osorio

Monagas - Barranco de la Borgen - Las Animas-pico del Osorio
This walk is not exactly a beginner's walk - but if you are ready for a challenge, this is a good walk.
On the route where the path goes straight up, it is possible to follow the road around the mountain, instead of up over the mountain, if you choose to follow the route I took, up over the mountain - the path is not always so visible and it goes up steeply and therefore, it is also steeply downhill when you reach the top.
The routes themselves are generally easy to follow, there are a few places where you just have to be careful which way you're following because other routes cross your path.
Having said all this..
Absolutely a great walk, the view on a clear day is amazing, you get a clear view of Tenerife and I also got Fuerteventura.
Nature is the best Gran Canaria can offer. A lot of birds sang and butterflies, flowers.
The last 2 km of the hike, you walk along some of the old stream systems, it's such an amazing experience, just think about how they built them...remember to enjoy the experience
There is a parking ️ option where the tour starts
Although I had my challenge on this trip, it has gone straight into my top 10 + of fantastic hikes here on Gran Canaria.
You will find the tour here, Wikiloc- Gran Canaria on 2 legs by Mette Madsen

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