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Utiaca - San Mateo - Utiaca

Utiaca - San Mateo - Utiaca
So the summer holidays are over and I'm back on track with some new ideas for hiking trips here on Gran Canaria.
This trip is for everyone...especially beginners who want a challenge with climbs.
If you don't have a car, you can take the bus to San Mateo and start your trip there.
Really good paths... Easy to follow the route... if you don't have your eye on something - which just needs to be looked at a little more closely .
Lots of things to look at.
Can only highly recommend this hike.
Remember that Gran Canaria has many different walking tours...
Since the route goes through San Mateo, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy some lunch.
Always remember :
Good walking shoes
Lots of water

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By Mette Madsen

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