Gran Canaria Event

San Lorenzo

Let's start by saying that this is not a beginner's trip.
Easy to find parking where the tour begins.
The path is easy to see and find. I had the whole area to myself.
You walk on stone - gravel roads for most of the trip.
The nature is fantastic, lots of birdsong, butterflies, flowers and peace and quiet, really a good trip to find peace and yourself.
There is not much shade on this tour, so if you do it in the summer it will be hot- lots of water and a hat is recommended
There are many walks in this area, so if you feel like it, you can keep coming back here a few more times.
As we have had a bit of rain early in the year/last year, some of the path when going downhill is not so easy, so be careful, but if you are used to walking here in Gran Canaria, unfortunately it is very usually, for many of our trails
I am very happy with my walking stick, which is always with me on trips.
Hope you will get out and hike while you are in Gran Canaria, here is a very magnificent nature, lots of beautiful view places

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