Gran Canaria Event

Water Parks
Aqualand claim that their water park near Maspalomas is the biggest in the Canary Islands. The 90,000m² park is open throughout the year and has 13 Rides and 33 water slides. Regarded as the best water park in Gran Canaria, the downside is that queues can be long.

Ocean Park
This 25,000m² Water Park with 13 Water Slides is located in the Campo Internacional area of Maspalomas

This Water Park, located in Puerto Rico, claims to have the longest and fastest water slide on the island.


Theme Parks
Palmitos Park
Palmitos Park, located 10km from Maspalomas is a Zoological Park originally specialising in Birds – Flamingos, Toucans, Pelicans, Emus etc. – but now also encompassing several other large exhibits including Aquarium simulations of a Pacific Tropical Reef and a Tropical River complete with Piranhas.

Amongst the most spectacular attractions are a Komodo Dragon and the Alligators (Caimans) as well as impressive demonstration of Eagles, Falcons and Owls in the Bird of Prey Exhibition. Other animals include Gibbons, Orang-utans, Wallabies, Meerkats and Prairie-dogs.

The Park, which is described by it’s owners as a Subtropical Oasis, also houses the largest collection of orchids in the Canary Islands, a Cactus Garden, The largest butterfly enclosure in Europe, a Kid’s Farm with Donkeys, Calves, Sheep and Goats and a Parrot show. All of this is set in a 200,000m² Botanical Garden with 1,000 palm trees and 15,000 plants.

Holiday World
Holiday World is a traditional Fun Fair complete with Ferris Wheel and Roller coaster located in the Campo Internacional area of Maspalomas.

Sioux City
Sioux City is a Wild West Theme Park, located at Cañón del Aguila near San Agustín. The 320,000m² Park features a complete replica of a Wild West Town complete with re-enactments of Bank Robberies, Gun Duals, Hangings and other western shenanigans.

Originally built as a Western Film Set in 1972, the park also features a replica Indian Reservation and a small Zoo for kids.

Sioux City is closed on Mondays.

Mundo Aborigen
Mundo Aborigen is a reconstruction of a pre-Spanish Conquest Canarian Village located outside Playa del Ingles on the GC-60 road.

Parque de los Cocodrilo (Crocodile Park)
This Park, which features 300 Crocodiles is a shelter for mistreated and abandoned animals, many of which were seized by customs police in Las Palmas. Along with the Crocodiles there are also Tigers, Monkeys,a Spider House featuring Tarantulas and a Parrot Show. The Crocodiles are fed at 12pm, 2pm and 4.15pm.
The park is located near Agüimes, a few kilometers south-west of the Airport.

Cactualdea is a 15,000m² Cactus Garden which features over 1200 species of Cactus from diverse locations. The Park, which also features demonstrations of Canarian Martial Arts such as Lucha Canaria and Juego del Palo, is located close to San Nicolás de Tolentino in the west of the island.

Reptilandia Park
Reptilandia, situated near Galdar in the north-west of the island, is a 10,000m² Reptile Park with over 150 species of Reptile. Highlights here include a 7 meter Chinese Python, Crocodiles, Alligators and a Komodo Dragon (said to be the largest in captivity).

Pueblo Canario
Pueblo Canario, set in the Doramas Park in Las Palmas, is a stylised set of Canarian Buildings built in the 1930s by Brothers Néstor and Miguel Fernandez de la Torre.
The central square hosts a large number of Cultural Events and is surrounded by shops and restaurants selling crafts and local food and wine.